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Bariscan Textiles aim is to become solution partners with the leading brands in fast fashion industry. Bariscan is supplying world brands garments for Women, and kids wear such as soft separate dress, blouse, skirt and pants etc. We aim to be competitive with the difference we make in terms of speed, price and quality for our customers. In terms of supplying, we offer solutions considering our customers’ needs with our internal production in Bursa with 2 self-owned factories and, certified sub-contractors in different areas in Turkey. We also provide designs to our customers with our in-house and Barcelona based design team.
Magic Textile is a knitted product manufacturer that can offer total solution. With our professional team within the company, we are a part of the work at every stage: sampling, collection creation, transition to mass production with defined control mechanisms, quality assurance, after-sales service .. There is a management idea that knows that quality is uncompromising aiming long-term relationships with our company.
As A2 Mumessillik we manufacture and supply textiles, readywears, garments, clothings, clothes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, woven items, underwears, socks, towels, textile, readywear, garment, clothing, cloth, t-shirt, sweatshirt, pullover, woven item, underwear, towel, man textiles, man readywears, man garments, man clothings, man clothes, man t-shirts, man sweatshirts, man pullovers, man woven items, man underwears, man socks, man towels, man textile, man readywear, man garment, man clothing, man cloth, man t-shirt, man sweatshirt, man pullover, man woven item, man underwear, man towel, woman textiles, woman readywears, woman garments, woman clothings, woman clothes, woman t-shirts, woman sweatshirts, woman pullovers, woman woven items, woman underwears, woman socks, woman towels, woman textile, woman readywear, woman garment, woman clothing, woman cloth, woman t-shirt, woman sweatshirt, woman pullover, woman woven item, woman underwear, woman towel, child textiles... We are the agent/supplier of some of the French / Italian / Danish and Spanish brands. We are making tee-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, woven items, underwear, socks, towels for Mans / Ladies / Child… We have our own factory for the tee-shirts and sweatshirts. We are able to produce all kinds of circular knitting items in our factory based on Istanbul, approx 150.000 pcs per month. We have our own design team in house who create the new ideas regarding the trends of our customers. We transform all our designs to the first collection protos in our own sampling room as well. We can provide high quality, efficient suppliers, competitive prices and workable delivery dates. Please read our working process as below. We want to be a confidential bridge between your company and the suppliers.
Asteks Group is one of the global leading manufacturer, established in 2001. And soon became the leading woven and knitted products manufacturer and one of the major exporters of garments in Turkey at Mersin Free Zone. Over the years, Asteks Group enlarged it’s capacity by building a new plant at the east of Turkey in Batman at 2011. Many world famous retailers have been Asteks’s customers from all over the World. Our Company produces designs that represent the inspirational interests and lifestyles of people on every continent for the brands. Imagination fuels the creativity of our designers We encourage them to be free on focusing product design and innovation. Concerning fashion trend follow up; our designers, fabric procurement and sales teams visit key markets, fairs and shows all around the world. They got inspired and transform their inspiration into our business. Our extensive network for global sourcing and procurement empowers us to produce competitive, qualified and value-added products on time Presenting collection considering customer demands and fashion trends,producing fast&affordable apparel prodcution. Distinctive points of Askteks Group is the flexible short lead-time services and quality. Each step of our production is carefully observed to assure the required standards of craftsmanship, quality and reliability. We take action to do the right thing and hold responsibility for our decisions, operations and products in the best interest of our customers.
OUR SERVICE QUALITY & OFFICE TEAM CORRECT AND PROMPT RESPONSE We've reached a remarkable success in improving effective business relationships in the market since 1986. Our company policy is to give excellent service to our customers and keep the efficient contact between the customer & supplier with a correct and prompt information flow. We are working with the principle "Competition Against Time" OFFICE TEAM With experienced and multi language speaker merchandisers,employees and highly experienced quality controllers we offer a competitive service.
SecilStore, which has adopted the principle of quality and reliable service, has offered its online sales store to your interest and appreciation in order to catch the fast and easy shopping trend which is required by modern time and to establish closer relations with your esteemed customers. As SecilStore, our primary goal is to get to know you better and determine your shopping needs in this direction. In this direction, our esteemed members of SecilStore will have the privilege of becoming a member of a much larger family and reaching a wide range of products with new brands and images increasing day by day.
Mimya is a project designed to create a world brand by feeding from this geography by using knowledge, experience and knowledge in textile sector .. Mimya's adventure began in Bomonti, known as the heart of Turkish textile in 2014. The company sought to bring the conservative woman together with modern lines that she needed daily, or even in business. Mimya is distinguished among other designer brands by its superior fabric and sewing quality as well as the unique designs and designs that are specially designed for Mimya every season, as well as the strengths of production and pieces in contrast to many brands.
Founded in 1997 in Konya, our company provides services in wholesale ready-to-wear clothing. Our company has been coming to these days with the year of its establishment with QUALITY PRODUCTS and QUALITY SERVICE. Product Categories Topcoat Cap - Jacket Cardigan Abaya Suit Dress Vest Tunic Shirt Blouse Skirt Shalwar
Women, men, children, ready-to-wear products design, manufacture and export are our duty. we work with our team, open to innovation. We manufacture and supply oversize, clothing, oversize woman clothing, oversize dress, oversize jacket, oversize jeans, oversize t-shirt, oversize tricot, oversize vest, oversize tunic.. ready desposable medical supplyes like masks, gloves, full suit, grown, full protection for covid-19 with CE approval, surgical masks, 3 ply mask, we are turkish companies that manufacture Face Mask Anti-Virus Facial Mask and other components for the COVID19. medical mask, face masks, ffp2 mask, ffp2 masks
Our company, TIEM TEKSTIL was established in 2012 in Izmir/Turkey to give service to European Markets in production, design/style developments and fabric research fields. The main purpose of our establishment is to market, sell and follow up various clothing manufactured by our own production facilities and subcontractors. Following up private labelling as well as private collections’ developments are within the scope of our activities and we serve some well-known brands in european markets with our meticulous works in ready-to-wear production. TIEM TEKSTIL gives service at each step of the production process from material research, pricing, collection developments, salesman samples preparation of the orders to production, quality control and shipment.